about gillian


My work centres on the key themes of transformation and escapism. My practice serves to create experiential aesthetically beautiful spaces that offer viewers an opportunity to break from their normal everyday lives, to experience an alternative world of play and protection. My multidisciplinary installations feature hand-made soft organic sculptures, lighting, and audio carefully arranged to unconsciously lead the viewer to physically interact with the art. I am fascinated with using opposing tensions to heighten the visual aspect of the work. While the viewer interacts with the artwork and enjoys a positive, pleasant experience, the visual created by this interaction will often appear austere and unsettling to the onlooker. I am also interested in creating accessible, interactive and viewer centric pieces to challenge the traditional way art is exhibited to the public via the white gallery cube. 

My latest work “Dawn” is an immersive experiential art performance that invites the audience to step outside their own reality into an alternative sensory rich space. Within this, each person’s individual reaction to the sensory stimuli creates a deeply personal and captivating experience. This installation invites 1-10 people (depending on space available) to participate in a performance. Each participant is asked to wear a soft hand-made textile hood sculpted by the artist, and listen to an 8.5 minute audio.

Once the audience has been ‘hooded’ the lights in the room are switched off and the audio begins to fade into the space. The audio features a recording of the dawn chorus created by the artist at 4.30am at the high of summer in her family home in Kildare, Ireland.  After approximately 2 minutes a single spotlight is very gradually illuminated. As the performance continues, the audio intensifies and the strength of the spotlight increases.  The ‘hoods’ are designed to ensure that the viewer cannot see the room, they can only see the architectural pleats within the hood. As the light in the room increases, it penetrates through the top of the pleats to alter the viewer’s vista – changing the shadows cast within their private hood space. Finally, the spotlight is fully turned up for the final 2 minutes of the performance.

After 8.5 minutes, the audio comes to a sudden, abrupt end and the spotlight is switched off. The audience is once again in darkness and silence. The audience is invited to remove their hoods to individually and collectively reflect on their experience.  As they remove their hoods and reflect on the performance of the dawn chorus they come to realise they have shared in an individual and group experience – they are encouraged to discuss and reflect on the reflective emotions of experiencing dawn that this brings.

Artist CV


Currently undertaking a MA in Art & Research Collaboration, IADT, Dun Laoghaire

B.A. (1st Class Hons.) in Fine Art specialising in Interdisciplinary Sculpture, DIT, School of Art, Design and Printmaking.

Solo Exhibitions

2018    “Dawn”, Mart Gallery and LIVESTOCK, Dublin, Ireland

2018    “Monthly Exhibition”, Lennons @ Visual, Carlow, Ireland 

2017    “Vogue in the Afternoon”, Kilkenny Arts Festival Fringe, Kilkenny, Ireland 

2017    “Titanium”, Mimosa, Carlow Arts Festival Fringe, Carlow, Ireland

2017    “Blush”, The Pigyard Gallery, Wexford, Ireland

2016    “Dabble in Art”, The Copperhouse Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

2016    “Showcase in the Potting Shed”, The Old Yard, Kildare, Ireland


Selected Group Exhibitions

2021     "Lockdown", Zurich Portrait Prize 2020, Crawford Art Gallery, Cork, Ireland

2020     "Lockdown", Zurich Portrait Prize 2020, National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland

2019    “Social Commons”, Liberty Hall Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

2019    “Stranger than Fiction’, LoosenArt, Millepiani, Rome, Italy

2019    “Picture Imperfect’, Dlr Lexicon Gallery and LIVESTOCK, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, Ireland

2019    “International TECHstyle Art Biennial IV”, SJMQT, San Jose, USA    

2018    “Dublin Society of Art Annual Exhibition”, Dalkey, Dublin, Ireland

2018    “Watercolour Society of Ireland Annual Exhibition”, Farmleigh House, Dublin, Ireland

2018    “Altered”, Minnesota Street Project, San Francisco, USA

2018    “Femme”, VfD – Vogue Fabrics, London, UK

2018    “140th Annual Exhibition”, Dublin Painting & Sketching Club, Dublin, Ireland

2017    “No Fixed Abode', The Copperhouse Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

2017    “Fresh Paint”, Picton Gallery, Pembrokeshire, UK

2017    “Pin Up”, Classic Cars West, Oakland Art Murmur, San Francisco, USA

2017    “Chelsea Fringe Festival”, Oxford House, London, UK

2017    “Incognito”, Solomon Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

2017    “Flora and Fauna”, Bauhaus Prairie Art Online Gallery, Oklahoma, USA

2017    “Annual Group Exhibition”, Green Acres Gallery, Wexford, Ireland

2017    “Pin Ups Bowie”, The Green Gallery, St. Stephens Green, Dublin, Ireland

2004    “Green Tea”, Joint exhibition with John Mayock, Cockleshell Gallery, Wexford, Ireland

2004    “Platform 059”, Carlow Institute of Technology, Eigse Arts Festival, Carlow, Ireland

2004    “DIT Fine Art Graduate Show”, Portland Row, Dublin, Ireland


Awards and Prizes

2018    People’s Choice Award Dublin Society of Art, Dublin

2017    Special Recognition Award, ‘Animals’ Group Show, Light Space Time Gallery

2017    Honourable Mention, ‘Nature’s Beauty Art Exhibition’, International Gallery of the Arts

2017    Best of Show, Flora and Fauna Group Show, Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery

2004    Student of Academic Excellence, DIT School of Art, Design & Printmaking

2004    Best Fine Art Student, final year DIT School of Art, Design & Printmaking