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group exhibition - wax rhapsodic


Curated by Astrid Newman

The LAB Gallery, Foley Street, Dublin 1

Mon-Sat 10am to 6pm


12-22 Jan 2022


  • The LAB Gallery


Pulse is an immersive 5.5-minute video work featuring a number of real and imagined curious characters in the form of miniature moving paper plants and model greenhouses. This work invites audiences to temporarily enter an alternative wonderland featuring pop-up mechanisms that bring the artwork to life.

The intention of the work is to highlight the impact of destruction using the theme of a battle to explore the tensions between human power dynamics and the natural world. The work is based on the metaphor of domestic greenhouses seeking to control wild plants to materialise the point where these two opposing worlds collide.

Pulse is a new work by Gillian O'Shea, exhibited as part of the IADT ARC MA Group Show - wax rhapsodic curated by Astrid Newman at The LAB Gallery Dublin - 12-22 Jan 2022. 

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